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Biomass Energy


Biomass is a great natural resource, which is abundant in Canada.  By using this resource in a sustainable manner with efficient heating equipment, everyone can appreciate the value of this precious resource that belongs to us.

First of all, when we talk about biomass fuel, we are talking about :

  • Wood chips collected from forestry work
  • Wood by-products, shredded wood, sawdust, shavings from wood processing plants
  • Wood pellets, produced from waste in wood processing plants.
  • Bio-fuel, produced from the cultivation of fast-growing willow.    



(Source: SUNY-ESF)


A clean and renewable fuel  

Contrary to what many people think, biomass is a very environmentally-friendly fuel. Growing trees capture and feed on CO2, which is present in the air. When wood is burned, the CO2 is released into the atmosphere restarting the cycle. This is why biomass is considered neutral for the production of GHG unlike all the fossil fuels that pollute the atmosphere.



A reliable supply 

Biomass heating is becoming increasingly popular in North America. Several biomass supply companies have emerged recently and you can now be sure that a quality supply can be found near you.

More and more types of processing (shedders, presses), production, transportation and bulk delivery equipment are appearing on the market. It is now possible to have wood chips or pellets delivered by truck or dump truck, bringing your bulk biomass fuel right to your home, just like oil delivery once did.


A local economy 

Each biomass heating project helps to increase the economic activity of a region or community, since close to 80% of the value of the heating cost stays in the region. This provides jobs for those who work in the industry (forestry workers, transportation workers, delivery drivers, equipment suppliers, plumbers, etc.)