Hargassner Canada Est

Cascade Boilers for biomass heating system

HARGASSNER proposes a linked system of up to 4 Combination or Wood Pellet boilers!

Cascade boilers 4x100kW

HARGASSNER offers the possibility of linking several boilers, which can even be a mixture of Combination boilers and Wood Pellet boilers:

- up to 4 boilers : for average power 70-100 kW,

- up to 6 boilers : for high power 150 à 200 kW

A large number of configurations are possible.





The advantages of a Cascade system 

1) Easy to use:

The system will only operate the number of boilers necessary to fill the need. The priority is programmable: it can be fixed (for example, priority predetermined as boilers 1 through 4) or variable according to the amount of fuel left in the silo or according to a maintenance schedule.

2) Uninterrupted service:

If one boiler breaks down, the system takes note and, in order of priority, the next boiler starts automatically.

3) Easy installation:

In a cramped boiler room with a low ceiling or small entranceway, it is often impossible to install a large boiler while several small ones can fit easily.

4) A good investment:

The purchase and installation of several small boilers is usually less expensive than one large one. Compare!  

5) Low operating cost :  

As well, the operating cost of small boilers is always lower. Services calls are much less frequent; usually monthly (due to a higher level of automation) and servicing is less complicated.