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The Hargassner Wood Chip Boiler

The Hargassner wood chip boiler works with wood shavings, wood chips, sawdust, densified wood rounds or pellets. Models available in Canada include the WTH 70-80 or 100 kw. For greater needs, a system of cascaded boilers can produce up to 400 kw or more than 1.36 million btus. More info

A range of sizes perfectly suited to medium and large-scale buildings such as:

  • Commercial buildings (businesses, hotels, restaurants, offices, garages etc.)
  • Institutional and public buildings (schools, town halls, churches, etc.)
  • Industrial buildings and heat producing (manufacturing plants, dryers, cheese factories, etc.)
  • Agricultural buildings

They are increasingly used for heating systems connecting several buildings, such as multi-family dwellings and condominiums.

The efficiency and reliability of these boilers is well established with several thousand already in use.





The main advantages :

  • Automatic ignition
  • Automatic cleaning of the heat exchanger
  • Automated de-ashing                                                                     
  • Refractory-lined high performance combustion chamber
  • LAMBDA-Hatronic controls
  • Lambda sensor with fuel-quality detection
  • Fuel efficiency greater than 90%
  • Variable-speed exhaust
  • ECO-RA hopper extractor (250 W motor!)
  • Modulated Power: 25 to 100% (without buffer tank) 

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Implementation examples: