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Hargassner, a story family

In 1978, Anton HARGASSNER conceived and built his first automatic wood boiler for his personal use…it was the beginning of a great adventure! 

A promise with unimaginable consequences:

« I am going to build a wood boiler…that you will never have to fill »



In 1978, Anton and Elisabeth HARGASSNER took on the project of renovating their house to make it more appealing and comfortable. Born into the farm and forestry lifestyle, Anton knew wood and appreciated its true value. When it came to heating, there was no question of considering other types of fuel. Unfortunately, his wife was not enamored with the technology of the era; a comfortable home should not involve fetching wood on a daily basis!

So, there was only one solution; build his own automatic boiler! The results he achieved were so good that Mr HARGASSNER was soon solicited by his neighbors to produce a first line. An artisanal workshop was set up and the first employee was hired.


In 1984, Anton and Elisabeth HARGASSNER founded their business in WENG-im-INNKREIS.  Several expansions took place in 1986 and 1996, but eventually the original site could no longer meet the needs of the growing company. In 2002, Mr. HARGASSNER decided to move and built a new factory on a site that would allow for future development.

In 2004, HARGASSNER GmbH moved and set up in their new ultramodern facilities a few kilometers away.

The family business, HARGASSNER GmbH, has developed an expertise without equal in its domain; the design and manufacturing of wood boilers. In short, the HARGASSNER Wood Boiler has become “the benchmark”.


In 2004, when the new ultramodern, 9 000 m² production unit opened its doors, their sons, Markus and Anton, joined the company.

Today, close to 240 people work on the development and manufacturing of the most renowned wood boilers on the market.

In 2010, HARGASSNER inaugurated its 11 000 m² expansion, which houses new manufacturing and assembly units as well as a research and development laboratory.

Between 2011 and 2014, an additional 10 000 m² were built to accommodate a new Research and Development Centre, a Training Centre and a Logistics Building (reception, storage and shipping)


With numerous innovations coming out of its Research and Development Centre each year, HARGASSNER is secure in its position as the leader of its domain.