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The Heating Container Solution 

A biomass boiler system can be installed in your own buildings, which generally reduces the cost of the project. It is also possible to install the system in custom built buildings.

However, you also have the option of obtaining a heating container with pre-installed boilers or into which they can be installed later. A heating container can also include the storage silo for the wood chips or pellets.

A heating container is a good solution for regaining space in your buildings. The containers are made of either:  composite wood or a mixture of steel and wood. They are designed to be fire resistant for ¾ to 2 ½ hours in order to conform to the building codes of your project.  

The exterior finish can vary according to the materials you choose, allowing you harmonize the look with existing buildings. (Wood siding, fiber cement, aluminum, pre-painted steel, masonry, etc.)


Examples of Heating Containers

Hargassner offers solutions for refilling wood chip storage silos. These solutions make refilling easy, safe and neat.