Hargassner Canada Est

Install HARGASSNER Boilers for heating system

Installers wanted

We are currently looking for installers, heating specialists who are interested in promoting our biomass boilers to their customers. 

Advantages :

  • You will offer the best technology available for the comfort of your clients.
  • You will be sure that you are installing reliable boilers which will eliminate unnecessary service calls.
  • You will benefit from the help and expertise of a team of qualified professionals with more than 30 years of experience in Europe.

HARGASSNER Canada East Inc., helps, advises and trains their installers.

« The mission of each technician at HARGASSNER Canada East Inc., is to provide support and service to match the quality of design and manufacture of our boilers ».

We will collaborate with you and your clients so that everyone can benefit from the full potential offered by Hargassner boilers. We will look at all aspects of installing a biomass heating system including:

  • Procurement
  • The quality of wood fuel, (moisture content, particle size, etc.)
  • Chip or Pellet supply,
  • Filling equipment and methods,
  • The hydronic shematics,
  • The Hargassner operating and control system with all of its benefits.

Finally, Hargassner Canada Est Inc., makes sure that all users and professional installers are trained as well as guaranteeing exceptional technical support and after-sales service. 


If you are interested in the idea of promoting our clean, environmentally-friendly heating solutions, which support the development of your local economy, send us your proposal and contact us.