Hargassner Canada Est

Products for biomass heating system currently available in Canada


HSV 70-100 with EcoRA silo extractor

Power range: 70 - 80 and 100 kW

Wood Chip Boiler for buildings in these sectors; commercial, industrial, institutional and agricultural.

It is equipped with LAMBDA-Hatronic controls with combustion control by Lambda sensor, automatic ignition, automatic cleaning of the heat exchanger and automated de-ashing,

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HSV 70-100 with Extraction RAS or RAPS

Power range: 70 - 80 and 100 kW

Pellet Boiler with pneumatic transfer: The transfer from the silo to the boiler is done by a closed circuit pneumatic system (no dust), at the times chosen and programmed by the user.

Many models of silos and extractors are available with pneumatic transfer.

The solution for these building sectors; commercial, industrial, institutional and agricultural

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The Heating Container Solution


HARGASSNER Canada East Inc., offers a complete range of prefabricated heating containers in wood, concrete or steel to meet all needs and configurations.

HARGASSNER Canada East Inc., also offers a range of closing hatches for wood chip silos.

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Cascade Boilers

For large power needs, it is often preferable to connect several boilers in one boiler room. To answer this need, HARGASSNER has developed management software that can control up to 6 linked boilers of 200 kW!

You choose your priorities, the boilers communicate with each other and start and stop automatically as needed.

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