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The Hargassner Wood Pellet Boiler

The pellet boiler works exclusively with wood pellets. A pneumatic system moves the pellets from the pellet silo to the hopper located on the boiler. This boiler configuration is often used in confined spaces or when the distance between the boiler and the silo is too large or when the boiler and silo are not on the same level. 

Models available in Canada include the WTH 70-80 or 100 kw. For greater needs, a system of cascaded boilers can produce up to 400 kw or more than 1.36 million btus.  More info

A range of sizes perfectly suited to medium and large-scale buildings such as:

  • Commercial buildings (businesses, hotels, restaurants, offices, garages etc.)
  • Institutional and public buildings (schools, town halls, churches, etc.)
  • Industrial buildings and heat producing (manufacturing plants, dryers, cheese factories, etc.)
  • Agricultural buildings

They are increasingly used for heating systems connecting several buildings, apartment blocks or condominiums. The efficiency and reliability of these boilers is well established with several thousand already in use.


Specifications :

  • Fully refractory-lined combustion chamber (1)
  • Boiler Heat exchanger (2)
  • Turbulators (3)
  • Fly ash separation (4)
  • De-ashing grate (5)
  • Lambda sensor(6)
  • Speed-controlled induced draught fan (7)
  • Negative Pressure control (8)
  • Turbo concentration brick  (9)
  • Drive motor for ash extraction and boiler cleaning (10)
  • Fly ash and grate ash removal auger (11)
  • Ash box (12)
  • Automatic cleaning system(13)
  • Heat exchanger for thermal discharge safety device (14)
  • Secondary air (15)
  • Primary air (16)
  • Cyclone hopper (17)
  • Closed vacuum transport system (18)
  • Level detector (19)
  • Stoker auger (20)
  • Double rotary valve with ventilation(21)
  • Motor drive unit (22)
  • Automatic ignition (23)
  • Pellet Vacuum turbine (24)
  • Acoustic insulation (25)

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Specifications :


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